ingredients for healthy lifestyle - An Overview

ingredients for healthy lifestyle - An Overview

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Cooking with organic Spices & looking healthy with natural ingredients.


Pure Traditional Farms opened to Grenada & International shoppers with the mission to spread our love for incredible food with premium high quality SPICES. Our Spices are sourced directly from Grenada's Spice Farms, FARM-FRESH everytime.

Supporting our local Farmers is our #1 priority.

When you purchase from us you support our dedicated farmers all the time, everytime!

Our capital goal:

Knowing where our spices come from before it gets to your table. We ensure pure, safe and healthy products that are free from chemicals, dyes, preservatives or enhancers.

All of our products are 100% NATURALLY PURE!

Traditionally Grown - Hand-Picked - Milled & Packaged, preserving it's quality and purity from start to finish.

We are on the ground doing our quality checks, sourcing all our products Pure Traditional Farms locally to provide superb spices on every purchase.

Grenada is world renowned for its superior quality spices, due to its rich, dark, fertile soil being volcanic and waterfall enriched. We could not have asked for a better Country to source our finest spices from. Since we first started operating, we’ve developed a loyal fan base that is just as particular about good food as we are.


We are a small Spice Store that is BIG on flavors!​​

All Sourced from ONE Country:- Grenada!!!

Experience The Tasteful Journey Of How We Naturally Source Our

"SPICE-TO-TABLE" Products.....

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